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               PC Gamers Rejoice 

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    Finally.  PC gamers breathe a sigh of relief as Halo: Combat Evolved for PC hit the stores last fall of 2003.  Halo was all the gossip for X Box, and the PC game delivered the same epic single player missions and multiplayer experience.  Not to mention a few extra PC only features thrown in.  Such as new multiplayer maps, weapons, and vehicles. 

THE Multi Player Experience

    First things first.  Halo for the X Box had the best graphics to date than any other game on any other system.  Trying to pinch that over into a PC version is a chore on its own.  I highly recommend NOT buying Halo PC if you have a crappy computer (see system requirements).  Crappy graphics and a slow frame rate is no way to game.  On top of that, if you DO NOT have Wireless or Cable Modem (or any other high-bandwidth internet service), don't plan on playing too much multiplayer.  You'll be booted for lag if you join on 56.6K dial up faster than you can say Halo.  Therefore, if  have an awesome PC AND high speed internet, Halo PC is a must have.  Otherwise that, I'd stick to X Box.  If you don't have high speed internet, but a good computer, and don't want to spend the $150.00 for an X Box, then Halo PC is an "alright" buy.  But I, personally, would still just get an X Box.  There are plenty of awesome games as well as Halo.  Plus then you can be part of the millions to buy Halo 2 when it releases this November 9th. 




Weapon Description
Assault Rifle Standard issued AR with armor-piercing rounds.
Pistol Shoots armor-piercing rounds and has a 2x scope
Sniper Rifle Powerful 2x and 10x scope for long range kills.
Rocket Launcher Double-barreled jackhammer rocket launcher with 2x scope.
Shotgun Powerful close range weapon, especially at point-blank range ; )
Frag Grenade Standard explosive grenade, timed after first contact with the ground. (~3 seconds)


Weapon Description

Plasma Rifle

Automatic fire of concentrated plasma blasts.  "Freezes" the enemy.

Plasma Pistol

Single shot plasma and charged blast--->Good for taking down shields. 


Explosive Homing needles, which are just plain fun. 

Plasma Grenade

"Sticky" grenade.  Timed (~ 4 seconds).

Plasma Sword

One-handed Elite melee weapon. (unusable)

 Fuel Rod Cannon A weapon hunters and grunts may carry, and is now available in Halo PC multiplayer
Flamethrower The Flamethrower was another multiplayer weapon addition in Halo PC. (N/A in single player)




Vehicle Description
Warthog Marine war vehicle with room for 1 driver, 1 passenger (can shoot and throw grenades), and one gunner on the rear mounted M41 LAAG turret. 
Scorpion Tank Heavily armor of the Marines.  Has seats for 4 passengers and one driver who controls the main cannon and the secondary mounted machine gun. 
Pelican Drop Ship Troop and supply drop ship with room for marines and a warthog. 
 Rocket Warthog Same as the standard warthog, but has a rocket launcher instead of the machine gun mounted on rear gunner position.


Vehicle Description


Quick, light scout vehicle that splashes targets with automatic plasma fire that with "freeze" enemies. 


Alien aircraft that has automatic plasma fire like the ghost, but also an alternate fuel rod blast for heavy armor.  It is now available in multiplayer. 

Wraith Tank

Covenant Mortar tank which shoots large balls of plasma. (unusable)

Covenant drop ship

Fork-shaped drop ship in which enemies exit each of the flip down exits on either side.  Also has a belly-mounted plasma cannon.  (unusable)

Plasma Turret

  Stationary plasma turret.  Also a grenade magnet.  Now available in Halo PC multiplayer.