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Halo 2: The Ultimate Game & Sequel

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    If you've played Halo, there's no doubt that you've played one of the best FPS ever.  If you're a fan of Halo, there is absolutely no reason NOT to buy Halo 2.  Take every awesome thing in Halo and multiply it times 234,909,525x10ēģ and you'll get Halo 2.  Continuing the story line of Master Chief and the human struggle against the alien race known as the Covenant, we know in Halo 2 the Covenant invade earth, and that John will be there to stop them.  If you've read any of the books, you may get a better idea of the story line in Halo 2.  However, Bungie has kept it a deep, dark secret.  They say to expect an edge of your seat story with twists that will blow even the flood away.  But the story isn't all in the single player campaign.  Bungie has decided to kick some side-bar story line over to multiplayer...

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Best Game EVER?

    As Hilary Goldstein said after getting to play an hour (only an hour!) of Halo 2 Multiplayer, "It would take monumental effort for this game to suck".  In other words, buckle up, because Halo 2 will take you on the ride of your life.  As I said, we the public have learned that in some online multiplayer mode, it will be Elites vs. Spartans and will have some kind of extenuating story line from the game.  So, lets take a look at the big picture.  (Way) Better graphics than the original (we say better than real life for fun), a single player campaign mode witch promises to be one of the best tales ever told, and the best online/system link multiplayer with new added modes and character models.  Dual wield weapons, blow up any vehicle, destructible environments, sprint, board and commandeer a vehicle, grab a plasma sword, new characters, new smarter AI, new vehicles, new's all you ever thought it could be.  It's not the same game, it just has four of the same letters in it with chained storylines.  They didn't use any of the same textures, sounds, or animations from the original.  But when it comes right down to it, it's HALO.  And who doesn't love that?  You?  Then why are you here?       

(Normal Edition)


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This page contains spoilers!

What We Know

    Halo 2 is turning into a great game.  We know of six new weapons so far.  The Plasma Sword, the SMG, Battle Rifle, the Covenant Carbine gun, whatever the Brute are carrying (what is that gun!), and the new and improved Needler.  However, Bungie says there will be loads more.  As for vehicles, they all have gotten a makeover.  We've seen several different warthog models, the ATV, and we've seen the new ghost in action.  Also, there is a  new Covenant drop ship known as the Phantom.  There has been talk in the Bungie weekly updates and Official X Box Magazine (OXM) about the Scorpion tank, but as to what it looks like and new features?  I know not.  Bungie has also mention several new additions which are yet to be revealed.  Also, new characters and aliens have been thrown into the mix.  Brutes, Prophets, and OSDT forces are some new known additions.  Most of the old models have been redone too, including Master Chief. 
    In addition to the new found eye candy of Halo 2, is what's inside each head.  The AI has gotten a total makeover, and is MUCH smarter this time around.  If an elite's shields wear down, he'll duck behind cover.  If you blow up his cover (cuz you can!) he'll run to find a different spot.  Search parties will come looking if you snipe, and if you don't kill everyone quickly, expect to see reinforcements coming.